Where are the stolen girls of Nigeria? And why don't we care more?


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Yes, I’m getting really, really annoyed by this constant assumption that America is equal to the West.

By the way, “Stealing” girls? Cattle can be stolen, humans get abducted or kidnapped.


This is a tragic story that needs to be reported , hopefully bringing much needed attention, which in turn might help in the lost childrens plight.

But I don’t subscribe to pointed the race finger.

The lack of attention is more a matter of class and wealth. Its very hard to identify with people living in such a different life that its almost like they are in a different age.

Its also partly because we have become immune to African atrocities. Too much too often. If planes went missing every month we wouldn’t care about them either. We have become immune to what’s happening in Syria. This is unfortunately part of being human. This is not an excuse just a perspective.


speak for yourself.

Don’t paint the entire ‘west’ like that. In the UK its getting regular (nearly daily) coverage in the radio and print media.


I cared since I first heard the story on NPR. But what can I actually do about it besides sit here and wring my hands and say “isn’t this awful?” What action can I take that will help bring them home? (That’s a real question.)


Disenfranchised youth + radical Islam + modern weapons + funding by rich arab states = this.

As Africa’s modern economy grows there will be increasing numbers of young men (it always seems to be young men) left on the sidelines.

We will see more of this until the west finally stops sucking up to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, which is only going to happen when we stop being dependent on their oil.


Yup. The BBC just did a segment on it, talking to Malala Yousufsai to get her perspective. That may be a bit of useless CNNization (lets talk to a flight instructor from Canada!), but it’s sort of the opposite of forgetting “in the West.”

If we want CNN (American media) to cover this, we must first drive ad-funded news out of existence. Advertising makes journalism something else, a journalism-like substance built for a different purpose entirely. That purpose is only eyeballs—not comprehension, not overview, not perspective—only eyeballs.


If we stopped them now, what excuse would we have for invasion once Shell has finished setting up the oil infrastructure?


Well cable news has been covering two other tragedies of similar scale 24/7 for weeks; the Korean ferry sinking and the disappearance of Malaysia flight 370, and other than handwringing there is certainly nothing to be done about either of those. At least with these abductions there is a chance to cover the situation in depth and potentially find them.

It saddens me to write this, but I think that this doesn’t get much attention simply because people expect this kind of thing to happen in sub-Saharan Africa.


I’m sure they were just about ready to cover it, but then they found out that a racist owns a sportsball team so they had to read some tweets about that.


Well, there’s always Kony.


Put some oil under their dirt and a lot of powerful people would find a reason to care really quickly.

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And why don’t we care more?

Because no connection has yet been established to the Koch brothers.


Patrice O Neal on missing white women

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The law of the news-

hundreds dead from Sudanese genocide<10 Dead European People< 1 Shot Teenager<1 Piece of Junk floating in Indian Ocean that probably won’t find flight 370, like the millions of other pieces of trash in the ocean< 1 Celebrity Arrested

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…


They already did, and that’s in the other end of the country, anyway.


Everyone needs to be inspired by Liam Neeson’s “Taken” and become an international vigilante.


The general consensus in the blogosphere is that the solution is to generate as much internet outrage as possible. This is not a straw man argument, it’s actually what people are saying. The hope is that this will force the news media, etc., to start caring more.

I’m skeptical about this but don’t have any better ideas.

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