UK Home Secretary secretly charters private jet to (unsuccessfully) deport dying man to Nigeria


I hope the public hisses every time they see her.


Aggressiveness aside, I just think that reads painfully close to “it’s not britain’s problem”. I think it’s just a matter of human decency and fraternity. He’s not here to come and steal yer werk, he’s asking for -the clue is in the name- asylum. And yes, i think whichever country he decides to ask it, owes him at least that.


There’s something awry these days in the Free Countries of the world. I’d imagine the man wanted help in calling out human rights violations in his home country and a chance to be given the opportunity to voice that.

But no. This to me is the equivalent of stepping on someone’s fingers as they’re trying to climb to safety. A Pox on this secretary.


Sources at the detention centre said that staff “were horrified” at Muaza’s medical condition. Doctors at the centre have six times ruled that he is too ill to be held there, while staff were put on notice of “an imminent death”, believed to be that of Muaza, last week.

Proof! That Socialised medicine leads to the state-mandated implementation of Death Panels.


It’s pretty obvious who the real criminal is.


Congratulations, yet again, to Theresa May and Her Merry Band of Dolts.


She’s behind you!

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I feel @SuziC should be aware of this thread.

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Thank you for taking this asshat to task @miasm, I don’t have the energy today ;). The smooth sounding reasonableness of people devoid of conscience never ceases to give me the heebie-jeebies. “Of course we needed to drive the poor and their children into the sea, who would’ve paid for their housing otherwise?” As if life begins and ends with monetary concerns when lives are at stake, and as if there isn’t enough money to save a poor old man when the banksters continue to walk away with trillions of wasted dollars. If “danegeld” took half the concern for the money stolen by the banksters perhaps he could find the spare change in his couch cushions to pay for this poor old man’s asylum.

The only way to describe this type of disgusting inhumanity masquerading as technocratic practicality is evil.


Given Britain’s history, it would be normal/reasonable/decent for Britain to be more welcoming of applicants for asylum who come from Nigeria.

Limey Bastard Bitch.

/the benefits of English Public schooling, eh what?


Oh please stop it already danegeld. He may have been denied asylum but did it ever occur to you that he was denied unfairly? That his life was in danger if he returned to Nigeria, given that his family was apparently already all murdered? And that these conservative politicians are playing politics with people’s lives?

Your concern with the small amounts necessary to provide asylum to those in danger of being murdered if returned to their home countries is touching. Really. Touching.

I have an idea, why don’t you get half as worked up worrying over the all the trillions stolen by the plutocracy over the past 5 years via bank fraud alone instead of worrying over the relative pennies it costs to provide asylum to poor old men. The very idea that rich western nations don’t have the money to care for the poor and elderly is a monstrous evil. Morality has been turned on its head when there is a literally never-ending supply of funds to prop up the wealthy and nothing for the average person suffering poverty, hunger and sickness. This is the core of neoliberal philosophy and it is truly evil: both in its effects and in its banality.


Yeah but they were INTELLIGENT enough to ENGINEER a banking collapse that netted them all our money.
I mean if they are INTELLIGENT enough to ENGINEER that situation, shouldn’t they just be allowed to get away with it?
I mean, we weren’t INTELLIGENT enough to ENGINEER the laws to prohibit them from doing it because they were so INTELLIGENT they could ENGINEER a way around existing laws with logical fallacies and intentionally misleading redefinitions of the language necessary to ENGINEER the INTELLIGENT confiscation of such sleeping-assets as the public chose to waste trying to continue to live in the INTELLIGENT monetary environment ENGINEERED by the ass-hats ‘entrusted’ with the keys to the money.

I could go all day and them some.

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Had an interesting conversation with my kid the other day. He was obsessing about money ($3 in his case) and I said something about money not mattering as much as the people in our lives (etc. etc. blah blah parent stuff).

He started hitting me with scenarios. Ultimately I had to admit that if a ‘bad person’ were holding a baby hostage and would kill the infant if I didn’t give it everything we had - even our clothes - that I would give them what they want. We can get more clothes, another house, more money. Failing to save the baby would haunt me forever, and nobody would want to live with that.

That is immediate, visceral and true. Almost everyone would jump into the water to save a drowning child, even at great peril to themselves. Even if the child is a refugee. Failing to do so would haunt us forever.

Yet at one or two steps removed we are able to completely detach ourselves from the exact same issue. Babies die every day. Probably, if I chose to live without a car or my kids didn’t play sports we could save literally hundreds of those kids. Yet we don’t, because it is not immediate. I don’t see this as a good thing.

The same applies to the people who refuse to see the humanity in people who are trying to immigrate, in refugees. They are human. You might jump into the river to save their child, but then let the child die on the other side of an imaginary border. Humans are insane.


I don’t know if Theresa was at Public (Read ‘Boarding’) School, or not and I do not disagree that there is a strong current of preparation for the old-boys network at those schools; but never underestimate the capability of any human from any background to use Machiavellian manipulation, psychopathic behaviour and total capitulation to the establishment to further their own agenda.


danegeld, no system is perfect, we all know that, but putting a bunch of very onerous, expensive, and restrictive rules on asylum seekers isn’t the way to do it.

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Well getting worked up about it is surely one option - though I seriously wonder if the bankers won’t yet manage to engineer a repeat performance, in which case the intelligent course of action would surely be to join them at it and gain a personal slice of the plundered public wealth during the next blood-letting. This leads me to conclude that I’d better walk away from this thread before I completely offend everyone.

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LibDems appalled – APPALLED – to find that putting a Tory government in power results in Tory policies being enacted. Appalled enough to withdraw from the government? No? Then who cares what you think?


this seem relevant:


No such thing as a free country. Never was.

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