Why did some of the richest, most powerful people in the UK support Brexit?

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“Because they’re assholes.”


Late Stage Capitalism


Next: bloody revolution. We’ll know it’s nearing that step once Boingboing begins recommending tumbrel waxes and showing galleries of the latest steam punk guillotines.


Why did they do it? I think these people wanted to do more than just escape unprofitable EU regulations: they wanted what russia, china and large swathes of the 'states has: a new empire built on the backs of the poor.

I really think it’s that simple.


The short answer is that they were not the richest and most powerful. They were actually the B team*. This has been a right wing coup directed at the government - and it may well succeed as Leadsom is well funded by a UKIP donor and is pressing all the buttons that the old, white and frightened members of the Conservative Party respond to.

There was a subsidiary battle between Murdoch and Dacre. The Mail’s candidate was Gove - who is actually Dagenham (near Barking) far right, as revealed by Ken Clarke; he was potentially much worse than Trump. Gove destroyed Murdoch’s candidate - Johnson - and Gove was in turn sacrificed. Now we have the Banks candidate - Leadsom - who wants to stop just about all benefits. May has to be stopped by them because, with all her faults, she’s a moderate. Expect relentless attack on her; she’s soon going to know what Corbyn feels like.
In the Iliad, Achilles is a truly horrible psychopath (though the word didn’t exist then.) You know he’s fated to die young anyway, but you really want Hector to beat him. This political battle is like the siege of Troy; lots of ordinary people will get killed, a country will be wrecked, and the knowledge that a group of most unpleasant people are going to experience nasty things in vol. 2 isn’t really a consolation.

*Or even the C team. Bad people get lucky from time to time.


Was Johnson really Murdoch’s candidate? Isn’t he the property of the Barclay brothers?

If May’s a moderate, I’m the Queen of Sheba. She’s a authoritarian racist homophobic lunatic. If anything, Gove was the most moderate candidate - at least, as justice secretary, he’s been an improvement over Grayling (not hard).

Leadsom might win, because she’s the candidate of the real swivel eyed loons in the Conservative Party a la IDS.


Well, maybe its time to go back to a constitutional monarchy?

Haha…maybe that was the point all along? One too many portraits of the Queen hanging around during childhood, and now the leavers subconsciously want things to get so bad that she has to come down from her throne and fix their lives?


Johnson is the candidate of whoever writes the cheque. Allegedly. Not true. He is motivated only by the highest principles and wants to bring about good government.

I can’t name names but I heard from a senior lawyer the other day that May is well regarded by at least one lawyer who has to work with - not for - the Home Office.
Gove’s ideas change almost day by day, but his obsession with getting rid of any state control of schools aligns him with the furthest out US fundies. On his watch, OFSTED did almost nothing about illegal schools. That has now changed.


Because the poors make money off of markets rising and the rich make money off of them crashing, then rebalancing their portfolios to make money off the rise again.

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What personality do those people usually have?

Are they purely psychopaths with no empathy? Or are the actually happy to harm poor people? Or how else are they justifying to themself to get profit from other people suffering?

I’m asking, because in my mind, I cannot imagine to ever do willingly something bad to other people just for my own benefit. I wouldn’t be able to sleep well ever again.


The difference is that IDS didn’t have even a sniff at getting power. Leadsom is going to become Prime Minister if she wins. I take back everything I said about May in other threads. She suddenly seems like the sane moderate.

The brain has an uncanny ability to compartmentalize. They sleep very well.


Imagine them this way: raised away from the rest of society; told over and over that they were born worthy, and others were not; given great privilege and power for little to no effort; fearful of losing their identity, and thus their motivation via social change…Can you see how they only have a few options?

It’s an illness. One we cannot really cure, like so many other personality disorders.


They see the Koch brothers and the Walton spawn and think “We could do that! We just need less regulation!”

"Do you want to have a good time?" said a voice from a doorway. "As far as I can tell," said Ford, "I'm having one. Thanks." "Are you rich?" said another. This made Ford laugh. He turned and opened his arms in a wide gesture. "Do I _look_ rich?" he said. "Don't know," said the girl. "Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you'll get rich. I have a very special service for rich people..." "Oh yes," said Ford, intrigued but careful, "and what's that" "I tell them it's okay to be rich." [..] "You what?" he said. The girl laughed and stepped forward a little out of the shadow. She was tall, and had that kind of self-possessed shyness which is a great trick if you can do it. "It's my big number," she said. "I have a master's degree in social economics and can be very convincing. People love it. Especially in this city."

Because they are cunning assholes.

Sadly, none of this is as random as I first thought it was. Even the monkey had a plan, and he is still on good terms with the organ grinder…


According to Zelo Street, one of Leadsom’s team was carrying her manifesto on the Central Line yesterday - Human Rights Act and ECHR to be abolished and a direct pitch made to UKIP voters (and we can all guess what that means):


afaik the source was a tweet by Ben Hart. Zelo Street published a screen shot but gave no link. kind of lame.


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