Nigeria: Hundreds, possibly thousands, killed in Boko Haram massacre


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That “too many to count” bit strikes me as odd. Billions of bodies might be too many to count, sure, but hundreds? A little license with language I’d expect in some places, but an AP news report?

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How many bullet-ridden rotting corpses can you count before you throw up?

For me, I reckon about 2.

Boko fucking massacre dude. Stay on the level.


Thank you, but I can be appropriately horrified by the event and still curious about the way it’s reported.

Certainly you can. But the impression you give by immediately tackling the expressive device used by the reporter does not make that evident, and in fact makes it apparent that you are so abstracted from the reality of the situation that you take the one fragment of the meta-story into your mind much more strongly than you absorb the horrific nature of the situation.

And please answer my question - how many bullet-ridden corpses of children, elderly people and women do you think you could count before you throw up?

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Hard to say. I suppose when you’re counting corpses, all numbers seem irrational.

So “too many to count” doesn’t seem so odd?

What would it take for all this to stop??? I mean outright stop because it’s difficult to know if our Government’s are genuinely appaled at these acts or if they’re rubbing their hands together knowing that they’ll be able to take away more of our “freedom” as a result. Is this ultimately rooted in greed and cash money? In some ways the extremists and the governments are on the same side. They play right into the g mans hands.

All this recent news keeps putting death at the forefront of my mind. We’ve had the Sidney siege, the Pakistan school massacre, Charlie Hebdo and now this atrocity.

Also when does the phrase “There’s a bullet with your name on it” become “There’s an extremist with your name on it”.

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The horror that these children have had to witness before meeting their own end. To see their own family members killed. It’s just unthinkable.

Why can’t these fucks see how fuckingly pure evil they are??? Because they’re basically brainless, brainwashed morons - with guns.

I can’t see how the human race can rise above this. This whole cycle is self perpetuating.

I suspect the incursion of technology into modern life along with an easily-opened tap of foreign culture and ideas (the internet, cellphones, etc.) has got to be pretty scary stuff for a lot of people in the world. What a shame that it’s so easy for them to so rapidly murder and maim at a moment’s notice. So many failures of politics and people here…

Well, that’s a downer to what has otherwise been a bright and cheery week :unamused:

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