U.S. spy planes hunting Boko Haram abductees spot "large groups of girls"


finally, those nerds at the NSA have found a legitimate use for their “spotting large groups of girls” software


This is good news, hoping to hear about a rescue soon.
The bad news is that they will probably need to be offered assylum or moved to a non sharia threatened location as they were probably converted to Islam under duress, a conversion can not be revoked. Returning to their religion in this lifetime would then become apostasy which can be a capital crime.

What makes you think those girls weren’t Muslim from birth? The fact that they went to school?

The sad part is that we can’t assume the girls aren’t being abused, even if they’re also bargaining chips. Rape is often a tactic of war.

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from Christian Science Monitor(what a weird name for a good news source)

and of the Christians
among the victims being forced to convert to Islam.

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The north to central African interface area is where Islam meets Christian and anamist populations. A part of the problem is that the wealthy Arabian oil states both send zadka(which should be great) as well as their more militant sons who wish to spread Islam. This puts these problem men at arms length much as the Bin Laden family did to one son who they sent to fight the Soviets in the 80s.

I think the term is ‘trust fund-amentalists’.


OK… which one did Mary Baker Eddy’s followers sponsor?

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