After 18 days, California's deadliest fire in history is contained

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Has the Russian President of the United States released the Federal Disaster funds yet? Asking for a friend…


Just to put that in some perspective for people more familiar with Tornadoes,

IIRC the Joplin, MO tornado was the most costly in the US, killed 158 people, destroyed or damaged ~8000 homes and ~2000 other buildings. Total damages around 2.8 billion.


Finally! The firefighters can put away their rakes.


well, actually…


Now that communications infrastructure has been leveled, I see this as a perfect opportunity to rebuild it in a such a way to be carrier neutral (eg the local government owns the Layer 0 through Layer 2 last mile access and makes this available to any carrier for a modest fee.)

By doing this, carriers couldn’t prevent competition from blocking others from providing broadband access. (I am thinking this would fit Google Fiber perfectly, as one of the carriers at the local government CO.)

Unfortunately, the mindset among the city planners is “rebuild it right away” instead of entertaining a parallel approach of a “build temporary right away, with an eye towards rebuilding it right.”

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