After 27 years, Doom received official widescreen update

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Such a special Doomcation requires a rendition of the Doom song, sung lovingly by annoying robot:


For those that are all like “WTF is the banner image?!” I give you this video, before running away:

I regret NOTHING.


I still remember the cheats:


I was the go to kid for Doom on floppy. The hard part was splitting the wad file and writing a batch script to put it all back together.

(I mean we knew it was pirating, but when you spent like half a day downloading it from the local BBS…)
(Plus the kids I put it on floppy for were not BBS technically inclined, so I was the right amount of nerdy but not pretentious enough that they were okay talking to.)

While the add-ons like Alien Doom were cool, I was always more of a fan of Rise of the Triad and Hexen.
The BFG9000 was cool, but the “Hand of God” yeah:

Besides, Descent was the best FPS at the time.




“Grandpa, tell us the story about when you were a pirate again!”


See you, raise you…

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Great. I’m just thrilled to have another productivity impediment.

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Doom meets Final Fantasy X

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DOOT! It’s a thing! Hmmm.

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Wasn’t the solution to make a multi-disk zip file? It was a long time ago but I seem to recall that’s how I used to (ahem) share games.

Well it wasn’t difficult, but the other kids I did it for where not exactly command line wizards.
I remember using pk split to break the zip file into 4 parts. For some reason my copy of Doom was slightly larger than would fit on your standard 1.44 floppy, so I over formatted them to 1.6 megs (to keep it at 4 floppies). Then it was just a matter of a decent batch file to make it all work.

I swear at least 1 floppy out of a box of 10 would have bad sectors fresh from the package.

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