After 8-year absence from YouTube, co-founder posts comment about comment policy

Mister Doctorow will automatically ascend to the level of Imagineer, his braingasm will trigger a widespread power outage in the City Of London.

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I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t mind using my real name or variants as a handle in most forums because I consciously control what I say and discuss. In the big scheme of things though, the idea of pushing a social network with more real-world ties onto a group of people gives off the conscription-y vibes.

Outside of easy chair ideology and all that I’m bummed about the poor execution of the new comments, seems the same level of trolling and misery is still there but more disorganized, and all the people who create and contribute to YT are getting burned by the change-over.

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To paraphrase Rob Beschizza: it’s their website, tough titties!


Thats Cory.

No that’s number 4, number 2 is don’t double post a comment ever, number 3 is don’t just repeat someone else’s comment.


Rule #1 on all websites: Don’t read the comments. Ever.

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so much this

The Haunted Mansion stories get even more enthusiastic?

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I never heard this story. Didn’t they use his real image for marketing?

You can sign up here without FB. I did. You just need an email address.

So what happens when Google buys BoingBoing, then Disney buys Google?

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

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They did, the Colonel sold the business along with his face as the face of the business, made him a very rich man.
Then he went postal when he realized that in the corporate world, maximizing profit is above honor.
The Colonel, in his own words:

That friggin’ … outfit … They prostituted every goddamn thing I had. I had the greatest gravy in the world and those sons of bitches they dragged it out and extended it and wa­tered it down that I’m so goddamn mad.

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It’s so true, though, but you can’t go nuts after selling out. Burt’s Bees is a shadow of what it once was. So many chocolate companies sold to big corporations and the quality goes down.
The big guys rely on brand name recognition and history.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in Australia, but I still get the option to sign in with my old YT account although they periodically ask me to switch to my G+ account. I like the new YT comment options, but I Also like having some seperation between my online identities. I think it’s healthy to have different names in different places so you can express various sides of yourself.

That’s why I use FF, it’s not directly controlled by an organisation with a vested interest in cross-platform intergration (at the moment)

The comments on my YouTube channel are actually quite positive and friendly. It’s more like a discussion area for me and my subscribers than a collection of random comments. I’m still not sure if I like the new G+ integration, but I do hope that it doesn’t change the friendly atmosphere I’ve managed to cultivate there.

I think it makes a big difference when the uploaders actually reply and interact with the viewers. It reminds people that there is a real human behind the scenes and encourages common decency. Channels like Sci-Show, Pomplamoose, Tested, and Quill18 or all good examples of this.

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Ok, I know exactly what you went through. Your ‘G+’ account has superseded your ‘youtube public face’ account but here’s how to fix it:

  • go on to the site and make sure you’re logged on
  • go to the upper right hand corner and by your av pict is a little arrow pointing down, click that
  • it has some menu options, but go to the bottom one that says switch account
  • your ‘old’ account should be there along with any other (linked) ones you also had

It might not work for all of them, but look here to see your ‘apps’ which a lot of websites ‘create’ for when you post there

Also I would suggest getting to stop all the FB cookie requests, and then not deleting your account but rather chaninging the info so it’s just a bunch of junk that they can’t use, as I feel that is more likely to hurt them and advertisers in the longrun.

YouTube Center replaced like four or five other extensions for me. It lets you individually block various parts of the video page (comments being one), block video ads, prevent autoplay, force it to buffer the entire video instead of just the next 30 seconds, add audio/video download links, and a host of others. It’s a little tricky to use, but super super handy.

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Oh, I despise the Google+ requirement for YouTube. I’m not mocking Jawed Karim because I disagree with him, but because he’s one of the very, very few people who was actually in a position to (possibly) prevent it from happening, and he decided he’d rather be rich. Us mere users didn’t get bupkus, we’re allowed to complain; Karim actually helped bring this upon us, so he’s got no right to bitch.