After annihilation at the polls, far-right UKIP leader compares own party to the Black Death

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"Think of the Black Death in the Middle Ages,"

So they’re rats with fleas that carry bubonic plague? Got it.


Sounds like an immigration problem to me…

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And just for those trying to keep track UKIP’s actual Leader leader is apparently one Gerard Batten.

This is he:

Of course he may no longer be by the time you read this far…


I was about to ask who it was for today.


To be fair (not words I ever thought I’d write re UKIP - and on second thoughts, no, fuck them) his rather abstruse point was that the plague in UK resulted in huge societal change, which UKIP (fuck them) might also try to claim they have triggered.
One example he gave later in the interview was that the plague meant serfs could tell their masters to fuck off, and they went to the cities or elsewhere to earn a living rather than subsist in serfdom. A shortage of labour had a very democratising (in the loosest, non-technical, sense of the word) effect.
Sadly UKIP (fuck them) was never about democratising, it was about lies, innuendo and dog-whistles to make people think there was a problem where there wasn’t really, and to the extent there was there were many other solutions than Brexit. They targetted their lies so that “the people” would come to see the EU as the root cause, when in fact for all its faults, the EU should have been part of the solution.

So, again, in case I was not clear, fuck UKIP. I hope their official death will be soon and permanent. As for their new home, the Tory/Nasty Party, I suppose that while I’m here I might as well say: fuck them, too.

(Edited to make sure every UKIP mention was followed by “fuck them”. It can’t be said often enough.)


“Think of the Black Death in the Middle Ages,” Mr Oakley said. “It comes along, it causes disruption then it goes dormant. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

Protip: Don’t favorably compare your political party to something everyone agrees should be eradicated.


saw Conservatives stave off significant Labor gains

Oh dear, and you were doing so well - it’s Labour.


Some parts of England had elections today, but only some, and no parts of Scotland, Wales or N.Ireland.

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I always find it ironic when UKIP stooges hate Europe so much that they get elected to the European Parliament and collect their handsome salaries (in Euros).

Just for reference, MEPs are currently paid €95,484 (£84,000, $115,000 USD) with another €51,588 for office expenses (£46,000, $62,000 USD). The median gross annual earnings for adults in the UK is £22,044 (€25,000 or $30,000 USD)


I’m sure those rumours that Nigel Farage is applying for a German passport are baseless.

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It was not a very promising day for Labour. My old stomping grounds, Hull, is about as solid a Labour stronghold as exists in the UK, and Labour lost several seats to the Lib-Dems. I don’t know if this had anything to do with it:

And just like the black death, you won’t really miss them until they’re gone.

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