EU to UK: don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out


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Christ, this is fucking embarrassing…


Germany and France, yes, but Poland? Why was Poland not forgotten?


It’s funny: in economic terms, the UK is now much more dependent on European markets and partners than it’s ever been. We’re even sharing military aircraft carriers with the French!

Don’t worry though, the good ol’ USofA will never let us get out of the EU. A coherent, compact, integrated Europe is a real threat to the New American Century… we gotta stay in to sabotage the effort from behind enemy lines.


The fact that EU membership is going to come down to a referendum is scary. I have not heard a single argument for leaving the EU other than “hurr durr immigration”, let alone a well reasoned point.


A well-reasoned point will not be forthcoming, seeing as UKIP is basically the political party for Blakey from ‘On the Buses’, it’s never going to make any sense (neither does that reference, unless you’re British & were born in the 70s or earlier, most likely).


Will the UK leave the EU?
Will Scotland leave the UK?
Will The EU take back Scotland?

What do the latest polls say?


The racists in Scotland are more than happy to pool their blind hatred with the racists in England. Not to be outdone, racists in Scotland are now mobilising the ‘stick your fingers in your ears and hum a patriotic tune’ technique when considering Scotland’s future in Europe.


Scotland polls still say No to independence, despite all the efforts from the terrible, terrible No campaign (headed by one of the most unpopular politicians in the country and supported by the most unpopular and inept government seen in the last 30 years), so I’m optimistic there. The recent Glasgow helicopter accident did not help, though – we’ll forever be hearing how this was the first major accident for the new autonomous Scottish emergency services, and how they were so excellent…

I think it will end up like the last Australian referendum to lose the monarchy. However, a 40%+ result for Yes would basically force the UK government to give them more powers anyway, which is what the Scottish National Party basically wants. The SNP leadership is made of solid old-school politicians with a populist feel, they’ve outfoxed their Southern counterparts for a decade now and will likely keep doing that for quite a few years more.


Unfortunately the hearts and minds of the not-large-enough majority that voted for independence back in the 70’s have atrophied and calcified.

we’ll forever be hearing how this was the first major accident for the new autonomous Scottish emergency services, and how they were so excellent…

Oh, so the Glaswegian police aren’t independent?

I never noticed any real opposition to EU membership back when I still lived in Scotland, hoping against the odds that we get both independence and EU membership. The alternative - forever stuck under England’s thumb and wedged tightly up America’s arse - is too horrible to contemplate. Shame that currently most people seem to be falling for the atrocious campaign of fear-mongering being run by Westminster.


Will the Falklands Islands be partitioned into a 10% Scottish section?

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All I know about the UK is that I’ve been strongly disincentivized to visit by this very website- intentionally or not. From reading about all of the things going wrong in the UK, it would seem that it consists entirely of narrow-minded xenophobes and a culture that demonizes young people. Not that the US is much different, but I’m more inured to it what with happening to live here already. Also, I may be wrong about this, but I feel like Americans still have more rights and recourse than their UK colinguals. If anyone feels my vision of the place is lacking, I admit ignorance and am genuinely happy to be educated.

ETA: I should note that I do consume more British television than the average American, so I’m fully aware you can’t be all bad- I hope I didn’t come across as some demented Anglophobe.

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Meh… I was working there for a long time and almost immigrated (now stuck in US again for a while). I guess it depends where in the US you are. It’s not really that bad over there IMO. It also totally depends on what your needs are too. There is a reason many people in other parts of the world don’t see that much of a difference between England and its former colonies.

No. And they’re keeping the South Shetlands too. You can have the colder, and more desolate North Shetlands, though.

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I have a feeling it’d be far less embarrassing to be British, Australian or American these days if for the last couple of decades we’d had media ownership regulation actually deserving that description.


The US and the UK both suck. I think the UK has managed to create an Orwellian nightmare more effectively than the US, but the US is really pushing hard to make up for lost time. While the UK might have flushed privacy and rule of law if someone mentions the “T” word faster, the US has vastly more resources and has spent them to terrorize both domestically and abroad. The UK has to strain to terrorize tens of millions of people, while the US on the other hand has set its sights much higher and looks to terrorize billions. Personally, I wish I had been born in a Scandinavian country.


A coherent, compact, integrated Europe is a threat to the US Dollar. Actually, that boat already sailed.

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