UK Elections: Boris Johnson's Conservative Party to win Britain’s election

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My deepest condolences to the British people. And my best wishes toward the SNP’s effort for a second independence referendum based on its sweep of Scotland’s constituencies. One way or another, get out of the UK while you still can.


A united Ireland may also be on the horizon if cards are played right.


Guess Britain should finally dump that “Great” bit.


I didn’t even get through the full split second thought of “what is wrong with British voters?” before I remembered November 2016 and realized I had no right to ask such a question.


Dasvidaniya, little Britain.

Please do not link to the Daily Mail. People treating them like anything other than the fascist shit rag that they are is a large part of how we got here.


Wellp, this leads to Brexit. Who exits next?

And in the chaos, I think we see more shenanigans with Russia rolling up on Ukraine. Hooray!


Unfortunately, I know full well that the feckless, cringing losers of the EU have simply been waiting for any excuse to turn ass-up for Boris and give him everything he wants (which is cover and enough padding that when bad things do come about as a result of Brexit it will be far enough in the past that he can blame someone or something else).

The EU hasn’t conceded an inch to the UK so far, they’re not going to start now.


To quote the great John Oliver “The United Kingdom, Europe’s America.”


They’ve conceded how many years so far? Happy to be wrong, but I’ve never seen evidence of a single spine in Brussels.

It’s more like they’ve been waiting to be done with this nonsense once and for all. The EU has given the British electorate all the chances and extensions they could to elect someone who’s serious about either making a workable deal or (because there is no workable deal) hold a second referendum to end this farce.

But if the voters are going to give this buffoon and his cronies a large majority government after all that’s happened and all the lies exposed, I can’t blame the EU for letting the clock run out without a deal (because, again, there is no workable deal and never was) and give de Pfeffel his hard Brexit.


They’ve agreed to two extensions because it’s been in everybody’s best interest, preventing a hard brexit is just as important for the EU (and especially Ireland) as it is for the UK (even if half of them don’t realise it).


Now that the DUP are out of the picture there is a workable deal to be made, the revised border-in-the-Irish-sea backstop is here to stay. The main problem is whether it can be negotiated in time, before the transition period ends.




I assume that backstop lays the groundwork for a re-unification of Ireland, which I suppose will have its pros and cons. I expect that the Orange Order’s pals will express their opposition to that kind of deal in a most vigorous way, with Sinn Fein’s buddies responding to such objections in a similarly measured and calm manner.

But if it happens, and with Scotland leaving as well, it’ll eventually leave the UK a rump state of Little England and Wales. Putin really got a bargain this time.


I’m just waiting for Scotland to go independent. Hopefully won’t take too long to join the EU again. Britain is now truly over. Anyone who manages to vote so far against their own self interests (see also Austerity, Windrush, Hostile environment, NHS dismemberment and verified lies from their OWN PRIME MINISTER) has only themselves to blame. What a waste. What a mess. I only hope Oztralia comes to its senses because New Zealand is looking mighty attractive right now.


It’s more of a possibility now than any time since partition, but still a fairly remote chance, depends greatly on how things shake out in the coming years. If Scotland leaves then there’s a lot more chance of it happening, NI has more links to Scotland than it does the rest of the UK.


They were given a second chance to avert a disaster and they failed. I only hope the United States can learn from their mistake.

God do I hope…