After Net Neutrality repeal, Comcast, Charter and Verizon cut investment in their networks


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3% doesn’t seem like much. What’s the variation of this number over the years? And it’s also worth putting it in context of the company size/income.


“For the twelve months ended December 31, 2018, capital expenditures increased 2.3% to $9.8 billion compared to 2017. Cable Communications’ capital expenditures decreased 3.0% to $7.7 billion, reflecting decreased spending on customer premise equipment and support capital, partially offset by higher investment in scalable infrastructure and line extensions.”

Not sure what “Network Buildout” is other than “scalable infrastructure and line extensions”, but if that is indeed Network Buildout, it’s higher than last year.


They could have at least charged advertising expenses to their network infrastructure budgets. It’s one thing to make promises and not keep them, but I remember a time when monopolistic corporations took the trouble to cook the books and lie. It was a simpler time.


It appears that the market doesn’t want better network coverage, otherwise someone would provide it. That’s how a free market works, right?


Yeah, nah. Not when the big telecommunication companies are actively trying to monopolize the service.


Nobody made a liar out of Ajit Pai.


Here it is, just for you: /s

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