After racial slurs in NSA materials leaked, White House asks security agencies to clean up


The pattern of crass disregard for civil rights at the FBI warrants a special investigator.

2009 -

2012 -

2013 - (Guandolo is ex-FBI here but his targetting of Muslim academics and gov officials is corroborated by this new NSA leak)

2014 -


Well, problem solved.

The problem is that the NSA used the word “raghead”, right? Right. Stop saying “raghead”, NSA; people might think you’re spying on Muslims because you’re ignorant bigots.


It’s alright to tapdance on peoples’ civil - and often human - rights, just don’t call them names behind their back.

At least don’t get caught doing it.


This isn’t nice and the attitudes behind it are less nice, but if we get to focus on and attempt to fix one thing at a time then this is #4,319,498,102 on the list of stuff that needs fixing. All of the illegal spying, unnecessary lives ruined by idiot arrests and detainments is around #3,208 to #4,439.

BTW: The stuff <1000 but >100 is so shameful and frightening that they don’t even tell any president or prime minister and the stuff less than 100 is so bad that the people who compiled the list were all mercifully executed and buried vertically (head down) on an anonymous island in the Indian ocean. Then the list was burned with the ashes being put on a missile that was shot into the sun a few years back.


Honestly, I’m a little surprised that the government is actually changing anything based on these leaks. I would have expected this to be just one more reason why Snowden must face trial on US soil, for forcing the bad guys to hate us all the more.

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Don’t worry. Nothing substantive will change. It’s just lipstick on the pig that has been the same pig since J Edgar Hoover used to keep secret illegal wiretaps for his own amusement 60 years ago.

The NSA is just a little more secretive, but the mindset is the same.


Exactly so.
No substantial change in behavior, civil violations or illegal data collection. The only people giving this any serious challenge are Wyden, Paul and a handful of others. The review board that the President convened to review NSA policies was a ludicrous whitewash.

At this point, the only way I’ll believe any of their lies is when that cancerous NSA collection center is razed to the ground.
(And even then I probably still won’t trust them.)


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