NSA Primary Sources: a catalog of leaked NSA files


Hmmm… “terrorist” and “terrorism” return no results. Not sure quite how this works. Maybe those words aren’t in the articles?

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EgotisticalGoat / EgotisticalGiraffe… TURMOIL… MUSCULAR… WEALTHYCLUSTER… WINDSTOP… Boundless Informant…

What the actual fuck, who comes up with these? I can just hear these guys going “Hey we got this new data collection thing going. We were thinking of calling it ArmadilloWrench but decided on TurgidGerbil instead.”



There’s a woman who has worked for the agency for at least the last 40 years. She’s kept in a darkened closet, down in the basement, shut off from everyone. Whenever they need a new project name they throw the door open and turn on the light. Whatever two words she says, that’s your project name.

Now the world knows, and I’d better seek asylum somewhere.


It’s either that, or they’ve got a group of old white dudes watching Merkel-pr0n and getting high on Tang.

They’re been listening in on our games of Mad Libs…

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