Agnes Clerke: Victorian astronomer


Of course she was an exception who surely met much resistance, I wonder if it was a combination of genius and family influence or just that she had the intelect and the drive to override custom. The sad thing for the patriarchal perpetrators is that by continuing to enforce a culture of keeping women boring, the women of high class were boring. How many interesting men who were married to repressed but secretly interesting women, these fools then strayed with their servants or prostitutes because they were repressing their alleged partner who they could have had a joyful and exciting life with. There is so much fail associated with the whole system which we are still fighting to emerge from but the widespread personal loss is what strikes me. According to her wikipedia article it appeared that she never married, not a prerequisite for a good life, perhaps she was not even interested in a traditional marrige, but I suspect this enabled her to pursue her career. Had she married I would think she would either not been able to do her life’s work or had her accomplishments attributed to her husband.

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