Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Rand on "Star Trek," RIP



She was just in eight episodes? She was a lot more memorable than that number would have me believe.


At least she wasn’t your typical Ensign Toast. Part of the landing party that you only see in one episode.
Captain I found something … aaaaaaaa.

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She was supposed to be in more, but from what I heard she quit after an NBC executive demanded something sexual from her in exchange for keeping her job.


No kidding. She certainly made a big impression in only five appearances.

Accounts differ. Roddenberry said in his autobiography that it was a budget thing. Some have suggested that her character really didn’t have a reason for being there once it was established she couldn’t be a viable love interest for Kirk, and others have hinted that her alcoholism was affecting her ability to work. The sexual favors angle could be true as well, or it could be a combination of any of those factors.


I was at a convention where she told the group that the executive tried to rape her, but then couldn’t perform, so he beat her -badly enough that she couldn’t appear on camera that week. And, then he fired her.


Yeek, I hadn’t heard the attempted rape story. I wonder how many people knew about it at the time. No wonder she went into a personal and professional decline afterward. All the more impressive that she managed to find her way back.


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