Astronaut pays homage to Star Trek’s most famous female captain




“Live long and prosper”



I always found Janeway to be a really inconsistent and shitty captain. But guess one can’t blame for personal tastes.


Beggars can’t be choosers.

If you don’t like a particular male SF captain, you can choose a different one.


As opposed to Kirk, whose idea of maintaining the Prime Directive was often along the lines of “YOUR GOD IS A LIE!”


Well, one could argue that he was at least CONSISTENT.


[quote=“Brainspore, post:5, topic:56016”]
As opposed to Kirk, whose idea of maintaining the Prime Directive was
Acting as an interstellar STD vector?

Still green as a Gorn with envy for those rich, fortunate, or skilled enough to make the trip to the ISS. We gotta get out of LEO though and start spreading our STDs to other planets.
For now there is way to little manned and unmanned space stuff going on.
For the price of the Iraq war a Mars science station and farm would have been a slam dunk.


Wow! This great picture and you sourpusses come in here to bitch about Janeway and Kirk?


Well, Janeway is mentioned here:


Yeah, but she did a great job of replacing those shuttlecraft with no logistical support. Imagine how low our cost per pound to orbit would be if we had Janeway sourcing our boosters.


Ten Forward is a lot smaller in person.


Exactly! She’s cosplaying on the freakin’ ISS. If that doesn’t make you a Happy Mutant, I don’t know what does.


Forget the STDs. What about that paternity suit? Try paying child support for 1,771,561 on a government salary.

Say what you will about Janeway, at least she was smart enough to confine most of her interstellar sexual escapades to the holodeck. (Except for that silly episode where she mutated into a giant salamander and got it on with Tom Paris.)


I’m not sure you are familiar with how Trekkie geekdom works.




Hell I think they rebuilt the ship from the point of having only backup/battery power at least three times.


My reaction is more “She’s cosplaying on the ISS. That is as it should be. Pity about the choice of character.”


Nothing’s really stopping her from choosing one of them either.


Isn’t she more properly referred to as an astronautrix?


If you were trying to say something witty, you failed.