Sexism and science


Another example of this was Henrietta Leavitt who was the first person (and one of the “computers”) to discover the astronomical relationship of Cephids that later helped us map the distances between the stars while she was at Harvard doing star plate mapping. However, there is evidence that her research was published under “other names” without her knowledge / permission.

A play about her life / discoveries just closed (I tried submitting it a few times here, but no dice) at TheatreWorks. It had very distinct reactions from audience members (depending on age, gender, background, and night). You can read more about it from KQED’s Review and about playwright Lauren Gunderson (who writes about women in science - ).

Also during this time, I discovered a short film about the imbalance of gender equity in the UK by a professor at the University of Edinburgh called “A Chemical Imbalance” ( And an entire department devoted to the study of gender research in science and technology ( at Stanford by Jennifer Raymond

Also, GoldieBlox.

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