Women in science tees


I posit that Dr. Danielle Lee should get her own t-shirt. I would wear it.


Henrietta Swan Leavitt was a RHCP fan? Who knew?

I’d really like a Maria Goeppert-Mayer t-shirt. It seems like she deserves a lot more credit than she gets.

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I guess she didn’t get enough credit. I had to do a search.

I should have confessed that, until I read The Disappearing Spoon a few years ago I hadn’t heard of her either. But she explained, among other things, why oxygen is more common than lithium in spite of being heavier. That was something I asked several science teachers about and none of them had an answer.

It took me back to junior high school when we learned about the history of atomic theory, from Democritus to Rutherford and Neils Bohr. Goeppert-Mayer should have been included in that group.

Ruth Patrick.

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