AI draws movie posters based on textual descriptions of films

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Fun! I got seven or eight right, once I stopped to think what the movie poster would have looked like.


I’m very disturbed by this. I correctly guessed many, but those guesses weren’t based on anything rational. The images just gave me vague feelings that reminded me of specific movies. Weird.


I still have no idea what I’m looking at when I watch the actual movie.


The only one I got was Space Jam, but I figure that’s because the original movie was also created when a marketing AI mashed together a grab-bag of random marketable elements and somehow made something cohesive enough to dominate the culture for a time.

These are actually really beautiful though. The suggestion of space in them is really mind-bending. Somehow short-focal-distance macro-lensing effects emerge, seemingly only because the background source material is lower res. The hurt locker one really stood out at a glance as one that seemed really literal, but if you look too hard, is really nothing.

I’m surprised there isn’t a conspiracy theory that Picasso actually created a time machine and an advanced AI… (give it time, I guess?)


i’m prepared to be impressed (hell i’m generally so prepared) unless this ‘A.I.’ has a database which directly associates words with established images. (For example “ghost” with an assorted set of popular images of ghosts). If that’s the case, then just seventeen lines of your favorite scripting languages plus an image library would suffice [nerd snort]

That’s Inception, so 's that, Inception, Inception, Inception… Inception…

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I’ve been messing around with this stuff - we’re just scrapping the surface of the tip of the iceberg with what’s possible. Here’s a couple of my (the computer’s?) creations (select 4K for the best looking images here):



I’d like to read the specific text descriptions that were fed in. I’d bet that given them, the resulting posters would make more sense.

I feel pretty good about myself for immediately recognizing Mad Max, Space Jam and Office Space. For many of these I can see what the AI was doing once I saw the answer, but some are real weird. I really don’t get what’s up with Star Wars for instance.

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