AI fighter pilots dogfighting with humans in the skies over China

One of Bryan Cranston’s best performances.

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I’ve also been training against AI for decades.

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So the Chinese dogfighting AI is catching up to the US from a year ago?

BoingBoing reported on the US test last year too:

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Not long ago China was decades behind, although it is admittedly easier to catch up by copying than developing brand new technology to get ahead.

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I had no idea, I avoid dubbed anime like I do MAGAs.

Citation please? Surprising it took a year, though, given how information flows these days in commerce, intelligence and crime.

Surely, they are training the AI not the human pilots.

So it seems the Chinese have discovered Ace Combat.

Oh splendid. You are telling me that the Mechanical Hound can now fly, wonderful this.


do we really need to invent new trouble in addition to what we already have? Terminator was a movie, not a blueprint!


The US armed forces have a solution to that: all US pilotless aircraft (at least above a certain size) must be capable of human piloting.

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