AI trained to detect art forgeries by looking at a single stroke.

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China Guardian

Nervous much?

Would be interested in seeing this go against a master forger and see how much closer these forgers are to passing off as the real thing. Having artists try to recreate famous works doesn’t seem quite like the same thing, but perhaps the system is good enough that it doesn’t matter. Would still be interested to see the data and what kinds of forgeries the system isn’t seeing yet.

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The system was able to identify the forgeries in every instance, simply by looking at a single stroke.

“A human cannot do that,”

On the other hand, AI can’t tell you why art is worth looking at.


They tried, but after 1000 conflicting definitions the AI turned itself off.

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Whereas humans can tell you why, but it’s often retconned. Taste is largely a gut reaction, but the human brain is pretty good about inventing excuses for why we like something post facto.


Well, there goes the job of Art Appraiser. In the bin with Wine Expert.

Paper is here:

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