Learn how to spot a fake painting from art forgery experts

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There is a BBC Show Fake or Fortune about tracking down the provenance of art works

One season is available in the us on Netflix

I found it very interesting

when i was in school, i really loved art history, and i actually thought about going into this field (as opposed to learning to teach art history). there are times when i wish i would have, because this was really fascinating to watch. instead, i went into graphic design, which has been ok, but it’s not as satisfying to me as this probably would have been. live and learn!

Interesting how many different methods of analysis they have at their disposal!

Jeff Taylor is actually an old friend of mine, and one of the smartest people I know. Just hanging out with him I always learned so many interesting things.

Found this thoroughly interesting. Although, this was a pretty bad example. It failed every single test of authenticity.

That bad-ass “Star Trek phaser”? Its a Oxford Instruments X-MET8000. List price: $11,000. (Also, Jesus Christ: it looked nothing like a Star Trek phaser; if anything, he should’ve compared its functionality to a Tricorder.)

not fake paintings, real paintings, just not by whom is claimed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if a piece of art is good enough to seem to everyone on the surface to be by a certain artist and the content has the same level of quality and merit, it makes one question what is the thing we are actually valuing? that is a tricky weird thing the art community doesn’t really like to talk about. nor do they like talking about “how much of this goes to the artist?” at any gallery sale. the art sales world and the world of artists are far removed sometimes.

Eric Hebborn’s books are an entertaining read if you want to get into the field of art forgery (and detecting it).

Sexton Blake was one of my favourite painters, and very prolific.

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