AI used to recreate missing edges of Rembrandt's Night Watch

Originally published at: AI used to recreate missing edges of Rembrandt's Night Watch | Boing Boing


Someone cut off 2 feet from the left side and about a foot from the bottom — treating what would become the national painting of Netherlands like it was wallpaper — all so it could fit on a space between 2 doors in the town hall.


It’s not clear to me from the story but is this:

A recreation with some source material that identified what was in the missing portion.


A fancy imagining of what could have been there.

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Kind of both? The central subject liked the painting so much he commissioned another artist to create a smaller copy for him. The recreation is based on that smaller copy, operating under the assumption it was accurate and with some modifications conducted by the AI software to adjust for changes in scale resulting from the drastic size differences. At least that’s my take from yesterday’s NPR piece.

Imagine treating one of the most famous paintings in history like some random bit of background clutter you’d find in an average HGTV reno show.


Tiny correction on the spelling of Dutch names: if you’re writing it out in full, Rembrandt van Rijn (lower case v) is correct, but if you’re only using the surname it should be (mister) Van Rijn.


OK, so that’s what it used to do, what does it do now?


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