You can zoom way, way into this incredible photo of Rembrandt's The Night Watch

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I do image capture of artwork for a living. I use a six-shot 200MP Hasselblad, and one of my favorite parts of my job is examining enlarged textures and details. I can identify pet owners with 100% accuracy. My favorite medium up close and personal is pastel, where you can see the colored rocks people smear on paper in lovely detail.

I rarely stitch more than half a dozen images together for large paintings, so the idea of 528 images stitched for a single painting is hard for me to wrap my head around. Respect, although of course it helps to have a sizable budget. I work for individual artists, none of whom are fortunate enough to hang in The Rijksmuseum.

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I’ve seen this in person, but not this close. Hilariously, I picked a random face to zoom in on and found myself at the very same eye as in the BB post.

Never realized that the dog was unfinished. It’s extra cool to see it roughly sketched in (and by roughly I mean eleventy-thousand times better than my best sketch).


I remember being blown away when I saw this in person. It’s BIG! REALLY, REALLY BIG! Like, the whole wall of the gallery room is JUST THIS PAINTING!

I think I’ll get a hi-res photo of this and project it onto a large wall, just to recapture a little of that first impression…

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