Check out this awesomely detailed digital art

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A) The Mona Lisa doesn’t hold a candle to La Belle Fionniere.

B) Digital art is a completely different beast than oils on panels. One of the things I learned being married to a paintings restorer is to appreciate paintings as physical objects whose layers interact with each other with different intensities, levels of translucence, and so on.

It’s not better or worse. It’s a different medium.


[Something something NFTs.]

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so, I feel like I basically get the technique for making these; draw a picture, zoom in on one spot, draw more picture, repeat.
Now, can someone explain the software or trickery going on here with regards to the image size? My guess is doing separate images and splicing together a movie, but I’d love to be wrong.

Shouldn’t the article use one of the original posts instead of a re-post?



Your guess is right for some of these art pieces; for instance, if you look at the code of Zoomquilt, you will see the technique that you described of using separate images (up/down keys to navigate, click for options).

If you want software, there are many apps that have infinity zoom as a feature: Concepts, SyncSpace and Endless Paper are just three of them.


This is nothing new, I have Flash files that do the same thing, from the early 2000’s, only they where looped and you would scroll with the mouse wheel back words and forwards and they just went on “for ever” in a loop.

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