Digital Painting Techniques – Art tutorials by many different artists


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Considering I have an older, though very large Wacom tablet that I have done little with, I should get this. Or at least some tutorials.


This looks very interesting to me, since I’ve been spending a lot of quality time in Photoshop composing images. Still, for some reason the logo in the bottom-right corner of the book made me think of an adult diaper. Might be on me, somehow, though.


just about everything you need to know


You’ve got this listed as 2016, but it was published in 2009.


Medium-wise I’m liking Rebelle a lot these days. The acrylic. Although the watercolor is amazing. I’m also liking Expresii for ink wash looks (and 12k outputs).


Is it ironic that this is a book about digital painting? I suppose it would be helpful, instead of having to switch between apps or dual screen a tutorial. Just an interesting juxtaposition.


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