Internet fixes botched art restoration with glorious results

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I haven’t laughed this hard in days. I really wish I had GIMP skills to contribute!


The one with the botched Ecce Homo is just chef’s kiss perfecto.


Mr. Bean is just perfect, haha


This is fun, and it’s giving me a chance to practice with Affinity Photo, which I sorely need since we are dropping our Adobe CS subscription on the 27th.


My favourite was the face mask and cucumber eyes. Under there, all the healing is taking place and the painting will soon be back to its former self.

Was it really critical to this post, @Rusty_Blazenhoff, that we had to scroll past the same ‘start from scratch’ tweet NINE times! Sheesh but I’m tired of pointless tweet repetition. Leave it to Xeni - it’s a bad habit to catch. Once was fine and thereafter just the responses were all that was needed.


Thought I’d bring home the Bacon


I’m actually kind of surprised no one else got here first:


This is like the time the NERC’s ship-naming poll resulted in Boaty McBoatface… only this time the Royal Academy of Arts’ invitation was going for the chuckles… I think.

If I knew how to not do that, I would have! Believe me, I tried.

Oh, well. I am not a twitterer so what do I know about how to replicate them. Maybe use a screen capture tool to just grab an image of the relevant part of the tweet?

Like this from your post

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 17.16.34

(cmd+shift+4 on a Mac gets you some cross hairs to use to capture any part of a screen you wish to drag them over.)

Seriously, the blank one was good enough as is. It took me a few tweets to realize that one wasn’t in its final state. I’d still vote for it, and give second place to the Magritte one.

The problem with doing screenshots is giving credit to the original Tweeter. Twitterer? Twit.

Maybe a screenshot and a hyperlink?

My screenshot deliberately kept the tweeter in the crop. Admittedly it destroys the link (which is a good thing?) :wink:

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