This free online service uses machine learning to restore old photos

Originally published at: This free online service uses machine learning to restore old photos | Boing Boing

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I KNOW that those people own at least one banjo.

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The center figure now has a horizontal scratch around his lapel. His stubble seems to have developed into a dueling scar. The buttons no longer have holes.

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The before and after sold me, no really.

I can Google for the link. No problem.

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I tried it out on a photo of relatives on my Russian side.

I sure hope you meant “ancestors”.

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id a great job of removing the small scratches.

It also removed the left eye of the man in the center of the picture.

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C. 1900 Russia? It would actually be extremely unlikely.

Probably a balalaika

Not worth the price (free, for now), IMO. I tried it on several old photos and was cautiously optimistic, but wound up really underwhelmed. Not ready for real world use at the moment. I’m sure they will start charging for the service (per their About page), once it is of any value.

The plink-a-dink finds a way.

Still a long way to go to catch up to professional meat intelligence. But what cool things didn’t start out just as bad?

I also tried it on a couple of not too damaged images and I’m far from impressed

For the money it cost it could have at least given the fellows some more hair

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