AI version of Disney CEO says Disney's magic no longer needs people to make it happen

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… so when exactly does Disney stop being a fun place to take the kids and become a dangerous monopoly turning everything into gray goo :confused:




I was gonna say 1997. I have a vivid memory of taking my niece to Disneyland and the total cost was way more than the cost for my other two nieces, who I took a few years before. The 1997 niece was already jaded at five years old: “They should really call this place Lineland.” I was so proud of her.


When did Sony Bono get that law passed? I’d posit then.


For context, for years this quote has been prominently featured at Disney HR departments. But to be honest Walt still had plenty of labor disputes back in his day and could be pretty stingy when it came to paying his animators, so I’ve always wondered if there was a strongly implied “unfortunately” just before the “it takes people…” part.


It looks like he has 6 fingers on his right hand. If that’s intentional, it’s a nice villainous touch.


At the moment, that’s one of the ways to spot an AI fake image: there are lots of very close-up images of hands to train on, but not many that show good views of the hands from a distance.

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This AI shit has already gone too far. Break the machines!

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This is so believable.

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So kind of the reverse of normal animation…
YARN | As long as he’s got eight fingers and eight toes… | The Simpsons (1989) - S03E12 Comedy | Video clips by quotes | b0aafd66 | 紗 (


There’s a great line in Mass Effect 2 by Mordin Solas: “No glands, replaced by tech. No digestive system, replaced by tech. No soul. Replaced by tech. Whatever they were, gone forever.”

I would grant that the current artificial stupidity version of AI might eventually replace scriptwriters, photographers, editors, and even marketing with some success, but as the AI complexity and numbers grow, the current feedback loops that have AI feeding off AI feeding off AI is going to take entertainment culture in directions that actual paying audiences won’t be interested in, no matter what the hyper-personalized AI reviews and advertising says. You can’t replace a paying audience with tech, right?

Oh, no. I just had a horrible idea for a disruptive technology. Could you build an economy based on the current AIs trading money with each other, each paid a small salary from some investment house or perhaps sales of AI-generated intellectual properties, with no humans involved? I know trading algorithms in the financial investment world have long ago outpaced humans, but they still need actual humans making the big trades to justify their existences and enormous costs.

Or will AI-simulated audiences cheerfully watch the AI-generated ads and provide the virtual eyeballs for the revenue, that then gets used to produce the AI-generated content? An audience with no soul, replaced by tech.

While funny it does shine a light on the fact that AI would be better at replacing most if not all executive positions (as they are a learned roles) and not as good as replacing actors/writers/etc. as they are a creative roles.

Wait until they find out about equivalent exchange in magic now as they draw the life force out of fewer and fewer staff. /s

… they’ll have to import more magic pixie dust

No wonder there was that coup in Africa :thinking:

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