Air Canada told a disabled man it had no time to get him a wheelchair. He dragged himself off the flight.

Originally published at: Air Canada made disabled man drag self off flight


Dammit. They couldn’t even have a couple of flight attendants help carry him?

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I realize it’s not any passenger’s responsibility and that the airline and staff are the real villains here, but…

What the actual fuck. No one offered to help them? I just can’t imagine sitting there and doing nothing.


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Oh fuck that. I used a wheelchair for 8 years, until I was 20. This was right before the ADA was enacted. I realize this is a Canadian company, but it happened in Las Vegas, and I would assume the ADA applies. I would refuse to crawl off the plane. I would make them call the police and explain to them why they’re forcing someone in a wheelchair to crawl off the plane. This is inhumane. I flew on a plane a couple of years after the ADA went into effect, and I was temporarily using a wheelchair again because I had broken my leg, and I had no trouble. This was in 1991. There is less than zero excuse for this nonsense in 2023. Fucking inexcusable.


Alas, this sort of fuckery isn’t limited to any single airline, or any single country.


I’ve been in a wheelchair for 20 years, and I would do exactly this: Sit in my assigned seat and wait for the authorities.
I’d probably try to reach a news crew or two while I waited as well, as long as I didn’t have to spend that time preventing my wife from swearing at them and making threats (I get more annoyed at little things than she does, but for big things where I’d rather interact with beurocrats than authorities… That’s more her thing)


I wonder if the other passengers were told they would be kicked off the plane if they got up or wouldn’t be permitted to reboard if they left the door.

Makes me feel sick





From the CBC story:
“ The Hodgins’ said they eventually felt they had no choice, didn’t want to be rude, and didn’t want to hold up the plane. Rodney lifted himself down to the floor and used his arms to drag himself from row 12 to the front of the plane, while in excruciating pain. Deanna crawled in the aisle behind him to help.”


Probably the worst part about it … people standing by not lending aide!

Come on Canada! — we American’s dream of the land of people living north of us who care and love their fellow humans…


The CBC article says “ An Air Canada flight crew, including the pilot, co-pilot, two flight attendants and eight cleaning staff watched, but didn’t intervene.” So it sounds like the rest of the passengers were already off the plane when this happened.

Not to say that the crew shouldn’t have helped! But it doesn’t seem like there were other passengers just watching and not doing anything.


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