Air plants in sea urchin shells


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I had one of these as a kid. It just sat there. No terror at all.


The word “genius” gets thrown around too much, so I won’t call that genius.

But it is pretty cool.


if you take the “i” out of genius, then genus Tillandsia…members of the Bromeliad family.


airplants are much easier to care for then actual jellyfish which are surprisingly a pita to keep even with a specialized aquarium.


I wonder if there’s an aquatic counter part of the air plant. Something you put in the shell and hang it inside a freshwater aquarium.


Brackwater limpets, breakaway flora, the haunted pirate treasure, the Riverwalk of Perpetually Bankrupt City, and the All-seeing Wretched Inland Kelp of Direwyynthfferi. It sounds busy, until you see it in action.

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