Aireal: generating the sensation of physical contact in thin air


like any other new medium, it’s success hinges on it’s adoption by the porn industry


Fully functional holodecks just got a whole lot closer to reality.


…and “3D printed” has entered the realm of extraneous-buzzword-dropped-for-maximum-geek-seduction… but aside from this very comment-y gripe, a very cool looking addition to the machines that will eventually consume us wholesale in an wholly and inescapably immersive escapist worlds. Where do I sign up?


Aireal + Omni treadmill + VR glasses = pretty cool combination

Very cool. I wonder if this will work…


Dang. I thought I was the only one old enough to remember that line of ads. Next up, Joe WIllie saying “I’m so excited: I’m about to get creamed!”

The problem with marketing this one is that air is invisible, and sense of being touched can’t be communicated through video.

We’re basically blowing air on you. Like a compact desk fan. But it’s cool because it’s a 3D-printed MICRO desk fan. That blows air through 3D SPACE! We all know that injection moulded MICRO desk fans wouldn’t push air out in quite the same way. Did we mention the 3D printing? and the 3D space??

Interesting, but it’ll never be adopted, even if it reaches market, which I doubt. There’s too much lag in air.

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You’d need at least 20 Aireals and be in your underwear for that combo to do anything meaningful.


You say that like it’s not a realistic scenario for a gamer.


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