Prototyping the betentacled, inflatable soft robots of zero gee


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It looks like it’s breathing, exceedingly disturbing but at the same time beautiful.


Is there a combat model?


This video takes the disturbing potential and runs with it.


I for one welcome our new zero-gee octopod overlords.





Now, I’m not judging, but that looks an awful lot like an excuse to take a load of grad students on a jolly in the Vomit Comet…
Science is hard when you’ve got meatbags in Brownian motion clattering around you, apparently.


Why did I expect a Cronenberg reference?


Or they could use some string…:wink:


I haven’t read something that pretentious sounding since I was in art school. Translation - “We are working on a space chair.”


Chair brief unclear - accidentally spaced participant.



Tentacle sex. It’s inevitable.


Only if you’re a sucker.


Sex toy version is 5…4…3…2…


I see what you did there…


The team utilizes soft robotics and zero gravity to explore themes of belonging and affection between sentient beings and artificial limbs which mimic sentience in a dialogue that examines human emotions during stress, and is sentience necessary to assuage that stress; can human comfort be outsourced to a machine, and ultimately what does it mean to be human?

We would like to thank the grant committee for their consideration.



my kink.


could not find on thingiverse !! , nor , surprisingly , could not find any stl , even for pay !!! hmmmm , flex filament is on my eventual list already - - -


What, no “I’ve seen enough Hentai to know where this is heading!” meme yet?