Prototyping the betentacled, inflatable soft robots of zero gee


Aren’t you brave enough to browse for it?
(I’m not.)


No, my problems lie somewhere else.


But maybe I’m overthinking this; I tend to do that.


Each to their own. Don’t feel pressured to share :flushed:

I’d join Overthinkers Anonymous but always worry what I’d say at the intro…




Even though I just made up “Tentacle Go-go-San High School Karaoke” I bet it exists.


And if it doesn’t, we will make it so!


A Terabyte? I feel after a Terabyte there is something wrong with me. You. Something wrong with you.


Never yank your pod out of your bioport.


(1) linguistics and its impact on our modes and capabilities of thought is finally mainstreaming
(2) I remember seeing in about 1995 a grasping and handling 8ish tentacled japanese robot at a japanese robot expo.
(3) Putin has already inserted one of these into Donald Trump, and it fritzes if it gets wet.


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