Robot made from bionic body parts and implantable synthetic organs


Now why’d they have to go and give it a skull for a head? As if the concept alone isn’t terrifying enough

Eh. With what current robotics can achieve I’m a lot more scared of quadrupedal, hexapodal, and quadcopter bots than anything on two legs. And I’m only scared if we’re in the same perfectly flat, open concrete expanse, or it’s piloted by another human. This thing isn’t so much terrifying to me as it is generally interesting in its biomimicry and hilarious in its clumsiness.

It’s a fine demonstration of the primitive state of our biomedical technology.

Its the model-T to the T-1000.

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At least they did not skimp on the eyebrows.

ample eyebrows, a bridge we hope will span the uncanny valley
-A. Roboticist

The uncanny valley will be bridged by the unibrow?

with any luck! It wouldn’t make a very good bridge with a big old gap in the middle…

they did omit the penis implant, typical prudes.

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