Airline opens restaurant serving their airplane food

I’ve taken a few internal flights within Malaysia/Borneo with Air Asia and the pre-ordered meals were unexpectedly delicious - better than much of the food I had on the ground. You can browse their selections here, and IIRC they all cost less than USD$5. I’d definitely visit this restaurant.


Hope they check the fish before serving it…

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It’s like people going to IKEA to eat, especially during lunch break.
Or like the “Autogrill” franchise, that was born to serve food near the motorway fuel stations, then expanded on malls and railway stations, minus the car related gadgets and discounted CDs, of course.

Thai Airways owns a chain of bakeries in Thailand called “Puff & Pie” that serve baked goods reportedly prepared in the same kitchens that prepare the airplane food. It’s inexpensive and generally well regarded for its curry puffs. It’s not uncommon even to see queues! AirAsia doesn’t have the same reputation, but presumably this is a similar effort at diversification. :airplane:

This is true. They need to up the salt and sweet levels to make the food more palatable.

And really airline food these days has become a lot better. Probably because you have to pay for it either inclusive with an already expensive first class ticket or separately with a cattle class ticket.

@beep54orama Indeed. Airline food generally is modified with a lot more salt and sugar to try and compensate for the changes to your body that occur in flight. One would hope that the on ground food isn’t quite identical; this is just a business extension.

@nungesser Good choice; selecting the more “local” option is good advice in an airplane or just about anywhere else for a better meal! :+1:

@DukeTrout Nah, to keep up with the times, this airline movie theater will have to make you bring your own device! :joy:

@urbanistica We’ve had worse food on a plane; the worst thing about AirAsia is that they have the gall to charge you even for water! :frowning_face:

@Mike.71 Agreed, this is a similar idea. In our experience, Autogrill can be surprisingly good in Italy. :pizza:

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