An honest and hilarious Indian airline promotional video parody


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Food is pretty good on Air India actually. I really enjoyed flying with them from NYC (Newark actually) to Paris. And yes, they were the cheapest ticket on that route, by a lot. I wish they still offered it.


One of my friends used to be a flight attendant on Air India in the 1970s, when it seemed that subcontinental planes were crashing every week or so. She tells me that there was a recurring joke that PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) stood for “Please Inform Allah”, and that AI (Air India) actually stood for “Allah Informed”.

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Fly the friendly f*@%ing skys?

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बहुत अच्छा


So it’s just like flying in the US?


Contains unpleasant language in both Hindi and English.

And a man spattered in the blood of a seatmate who blows his brains out.


Slight improvement over the last time I attempted to fly Air India. No smoke or flames or attempts to confiscate passports!


I’ve just added a few good new insults to my repertoire. The fifty percent of what I could understand in English was great.

Why do I see english subtitles when they speak english and hindi subtitles when they speak hindi. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

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Think of it as subtitles for the deaf, or those that want to watch the video at work with the sound off, and it makes sense that way round. (Having translations as well might be nice though.)

I live in Canada and we have Air Canada which is the English/French version of Air India. What is it with airlines that have Air “country name”.

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