Vintage Air India route map on a souvenir hand fan


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Map is confusing to parse because it’s inverted and heavily stylized. I had a hard time making out what i was looking at, but it’s still a really cool design :slight_smile:


Took a sec to figure out what was going on.


I may have mentioned this here before, but: a friend of ours, who was a flight attendant on Air India in the mid-70s, shared one of my favorite-ever bits of gallows humor. During the years that she worked for them, Air India (AI) was in a grim competition with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for the title of “World’s Most Dangerous Airline”; it seemed like there was a major incident every other week.
So the joke went round:
Q: What does “PIA” stand for?
A: Please inform Allah.
Q: And AI?
A: Allah informed.

(For what it’s worth, I’m confidently informed that both airlines are much safer these days.)


Oh, flashbacks… When I was a kid I lived on Groote Eylandt in tropical Australia and the local airline, Bush Pilot Airways, flew DC3s with no air conditioning, so tended to be a ‘bit’ hot and sticky when you first got on board. They’d hand you a fan like these as you climbed the little rear staircase to get in. Also had a route map printed on it, but nowhere near as nice as these… They were the last airline in the world to be using DC3s, flying them right up until the late 1980s.


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