LAX to London flight delayed due to WIFI network name


I prefer to use “I watch you while you sleep”, but that’s a pretty good one.

How about “NSA Monitoring Node [X948]”.

Also, Al-Quida should be the name of a British rapper.


I’ve titled my WiFi network “FBI Surveillance Van #47” in the past.


In these days of terrornoia, all you need to bring the West to its knees is some odd wifi names and a handful of forgotten briefcases with lunch.

Where are the good old times when you needed explosives, or even just a lousy gun?


My brother in law does that too.

Normally I disapprove of WiFi network name shenanigans, but for sheer trolling magnificence combined with a dash of social commentary, I have to give this one some golf claps. Although how they didn’t identify the culprit is beyond me. It should have been physically impossible for him or her not to make the trollface.jpg face for hours afterward.


It has gotten a bit better… For a while, all it took was some nervous ninny who didn’t want to sit by a brown person.

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This is terror/security theater though I think it is also cover-your-ass. It would be the wood chipper for anyone who has a stupid WiFi name reported and does the reasonable nothing. There is never any punishment for local managers who overreact.

I was once on an Air Italia flight in april 2002 bound for Rome from Athens. Before take off, I noticed a 2 or 3 inch thick piece of rubber tubing several feet in length, hanging out from between the the wing and flap. I pointed it out to the person next me and inquired if we should mention something. She just gave me an off putting shrug that was simultaneously quizzical and indifferent. its how greeks say “i don’t care why are you asking me” I thought well someone else must see it no need to panic. The pilot made then made the announcement for final preparations. I got up from my seat and before the attendant could say a thing I told him “you have to look out that window now, there is something hanging out of the wing and it doesn’t look right”. The attendant looked out said “yes” and ran to the cockpit. the take off was put on hold and a ground crew came up and from on top of the back of a truck one of the crew non-chalantly tucked the tube into back into the wing with his his hands. and gave the “A” ok . I don’t know that this tube was such a big deal but the attendant came back thanked me and two older american ladies in the row ahead said “we saw that and were wondering about but were too embarrassed to say anything”


Bully job well done. We should all remember to tuck in our tube before liftoff.

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