Qantas delays flight because of wifi network named "Detonation Device"

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I guess this is why Qantas never crashed.


Life today is so filled with menace! If you’re not terrified of everything then you just aren’t a serious person. Some day somebody might say, “I told you so.”


And the captain was okay with Boingo and Gogo, even though their rates are threatening to your wallet?

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Next up: a network named “This Is Not A Detonation Device”.


easy solution: just open a network called “air marshal” or “bomb squad” and everyone on bord is safe - a cyber threat can only be fought by more cyber!


Fuck my world. I’m going to go sleep for a week and see if it gets better. Talk with you all later.


Don’t worry, They are keeping tabs on that guy as I can see there is a “FBI Surveillance Van” nearby.


I’ve had a hotspot on my Android phone named “Bomb detonator 42” for 3 years…

It more because their native country has very little weather or terrain. Our QNH hardly ever changes. Rain is comparatively rare. International flights are almost all long haul, so the dangerous parts of the flight (landing and take off) occupy only a a mall part of the time in the air.

But I still reckon Qantas lost 20% of a 747 flying between Japan and the Philippines a few years ago. That exploding gas tank could easily have put a hole in the center fuel tank. Luck has been in their side.

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That’s so very Australian. I have to say, if wifi networks & smartphones were a thing when I was 19, I probably would have named mine something similar.

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My hotspot “totally not a bomb” should be fine then


but the nearby WLAN “it’s a trap” has a much better signal quality


I’d love to know the internal monologue of the person responsible, assuming it wasn’t entirely accidental.

I’m guessing it whipsawed between “goddammit I’m going to miss my connection” and “oh shit I’m going to get arrested” before ending up on “I bet I’m probably a hero, better check the internets to see how it’s playing out.”

(Hi there, fella!)


The genuine risk that arises from the ambient ‘zOMG Terrorists!!!’ is when The Authorities(sometimes even with an overbroad, vague, badly worded law to back them up); start with the “your absurdly harmless whatever is, despite its harmlessness, a ‘hoax device’ or similar class of nefarious and illegal thing, as proven by the fact that someone freaked out about it. It doesn’t matter whether or not that was a foolish overreaction by a hysterical moron, if it scared somebody, it’s a terrorist device.” line of inquiry and sometimes prosecution.

See the Boston Mooninite Terror, the MIT kid nefariously possessing LEDs at an airport, the middle schooler who possessed a disassembled clock with exposed circuit boards while muslin, etc.

That’s where things go from ‘this is just silly’ to ‘actually dangerous’ courtesy of our own allegedly-security-forces.


Doing maths is also not allowed.


I couldn’t worry about that one, since detonators’ 1-41 were so ineffective that they didn’t make the news.

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Then again, hijacking jokes have been off-limits much longer than the current theatrics. I can remember the topic at least discussed back in the 70s, when hijacking was all the rage. In fact, it was so frequent at one point, journalists invented the word “skyjacking,” because journalists are adorable.

In the 70’s it was usually Cubans that came here and decided that Cuban socialism wasn’t such a bad deal in comparison and wanted to go back.

O.M.G., that was both funny and horrifying. This is the biggest argument as to why students need to have exposure to higher level math.