LAX delays flight because someone's wifi network had scary terrorist name



Like you’ve never created a wifi network called NSA SURVEILLANCE VAN 7.


Of course a huge overreaction, but what kind of moron would think this was a good idea for a WiFi name in an airport?


Maybe they had it named that on their device before, and didn’t think about it in an airport?

What moron decided that a (badly spelled) wifi AP name constituted a threat worthy of grounding planes?


Fools. Everyone knows al qaida disguises their wi-fi as “mcdonalds”


No matter how frivolous the aggression, if you react as if you’ve been physically attacked, that means it really was an attack! The 2007 Boston bombing scare established that bad taste equals terrorism, and anyone who thinks differently is soft on terror.


Ebola-free WIFI network was already taken.

Meanwhile, people were happy to connect their phones to ‘SECURE WIFI 2600’, ‘Safe-T WIFI’ and ‘TrustNet WIFI Service’.


That partially explains it, at least. In order to have a wifi AP, there of course has to be an identifiable power source, and a circuit board. There might even be a battery behind it, and wires!

Not necessarily any exposed wiring or electrical tape, but you never know until you shut down a flight and do a thorough search, do you?

Apparently it’s an effective way of inflicting economic damage and making the TSA look more stupid without killing anyone or risking arrest. Two thumbs up.


Anyone who reads Boing Boing understands that changing a wifi networks name is nothing and can be fun, but we are sharing a space in airports.

Being seriously stressed out when flying is common and sucks.

Defending the passenger with the network makes me think of the bully who is “Just fucking with you”, or the cat-caller who says they’re complementing someone and espouses freedom of speech.

This isn’t a case of profiling or other injustice. This person was being an dumb ass in a public space and they checked it out.

To be clear, I’m not here to defend TSA, I’m saying we have a more mature understanding of the issues here than to use this as example of their shortcomings or champion this inconsiderate goof-ball.

We are also sharing space in coffee shops, shopping malls, and residential infrastructure.

I consider a SSID colliding with other SSID around to be a much worse transgression than preventing such collision proactively by choosing an improbable, albeit silly, name.

The plebes have totally screwed up risk perception. This should be addressed primarily, not admonishing the ones who unintentionally or not trip the symptoms.

Or ATT Wifi. Oh wait, those guys are a totally different group of terrorists.

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