Airlines with the highest –and lowest – safety ratings

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Admittedly, not many, and not recently.


Scat Airlines … tee-hee…

I’m just hoping they have capable translators on-board.


But also they have had two close calls in recent memory. They slid off a runway in Thailand, and had a gas tank explode north of the Philippines. That one came very close to breaching the center fuel tank of the aircraft so I reckon the expected death toll was around 20% of the number of actual passengers.

Also,you don’t get safer by counting actual deaths. You need to consider what might have happened.

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Yep. At the safe end of aviation, actual fatal crashes are now so rare that reliability engineering is barely influenced by them, statistically speaking. The vast majority of the current safety improvements arise from design, engineering, investigation of non-crash failures and close calls, and from simulation and testing. It is why finding MH370 doesn’t really matter from a future-crash-prevention perspective.

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well that would just be logical of Scat.

Just as you can improve your odds of surviving air travel by being a discriminating flying, you can improve your odds of surviving road travel by being a careful and defensive driver.

Nepal Airlines may just be at the bottom because they mostly fly in the Himalayas, with poor visibility and all those high peaks and teeny tiny runways way up there…

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