Airplane parts recycled into furniture


I hope the compressor fan slowly spins, and that this is installed in a Volcano lair for some mad scientist.


…with an option to go to full speed and have a glass section in front o those that disagree fold away so they will be sucked in.

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A quick glance at that preview picture and I read that as (excited old-timey narrator voice):

Airplane parts recycled into… THE FUTURE!

I like my version better.

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Oh man I want this.

I don’t have a conference room to put it in, or conferences to have in the first place, but I want this.

I don’t want it enough to actually ask them how much it costs, though. “A few orders of magnitude more than I’m willing to pay for a table” is my guess.

I wonder what the prices are like at a pick-a-part airplane graveyard?

Don’t forget to factor in hauling that part to your workshop, a fair wage for the time spent polishing and modifying it, and of course shipping it to the buyer, which is probably murder!

There was a programme on Channel 4 earlier in the year where Kevin McCloud got some designers to try and re-use every part of an Airbus and make saleable goods out of it. They did a pretty good job but this table wins.

So that one’d be the boneyard’s boneyard then.

I see I’m going to need a term for a term where the same term, qualified with the definite article, is used for the archetypal case of the term. The term’s term, if you will.

Funny word. Term.

If you don’t like the wording you can fix it. It is Wikipedia.

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