Airport parking lot coupon says you might die if you don't use their service


There could be many reasons for the cause of this email about this man’s death, but based on the story one possible reason could be stress. The process of thinking of a marketing angle, to the wording of this email, to the boss who’s been really terrible since the divorce, getting through college with a marketing degree thanks to adderall jack and cokes, to the fact I’m behind in my rent, marketing emails can be very stressful.


Topical ad, not inaccurate. Not sure what the fuss is about.

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If the guy succumbed to stress, why there are no heaps of bodies around the baggage claim belts?


It’s over the top. On the list of really stressful things that could kill you, airport parking has to be pretty low. In fact, just last week a poster to this bulletin board fell over dead. Now I’m not suggesting that the stress of not getting why people are making a fuss could kill you, because I don’t know the precise cause of this person’s death (or their name, or if this is a fact or just an anecdote that I’m pretty sure is all but impossible to disprove.) But it’s not something we can absolutely rule out, is it? Are you willing to die over this?



See? SEE! The TSA does work!


I’m more outraged over the ommision of, “Those responsible have been sacked.”


I always click the heart button, just to be sure the poster’s health is improved!

However, I am not stressed, I can tell you that. But maybe you’re not getting you’re point across. Perhaps you should be using all-caps. Are you feeling calm? Could you reply again, and not use such confusing words? Try explaining your ideas more clearly. How are you stress levels? Please cite your sources, this time. Primary sources only, not Wikipedia. No pressure. Spelling counts.

I disagree with your post, but I will defend to the death your right to post it.

Well, I will defend it to the stress.

Oh, dear. I think I feel an attack of the vapours coming on…

Cheer up! Those responsible for the omission of “Those responsible have been sacked” have been sacked.

Honestly, I like that ad far more than most of the crap I see on TV.


Most likely by displacing the weak-nerved ones to die on the highways instead.

Please control your zesty jestiness. If you say things like that then the TSAists win.

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I see a lot of ads for lawyers that start with “Have you or a loved one suffered serious injury or died? Call us!”

Now I expect to start seeing similar commercials for advertising agencies. “Have you or a loved one suffered serious injury or died? Call us and we can turn your tragedy into clever ad copy!”

Thank you for posting this. My email spam filter caught the original ad email but let the apology through, and I really wanted to know what the offending ad was.

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Sounds like they’re dying for sales.


Does anyone else think that their logo looks like a car that has died and is going to heaven? (I’m getting a Meaning of Life vibe here…)

I’d be pretty cheesed if I was a relative of the deceased and found out that someone was using my personal tragedy to shill for some petty bullshit.

Also, “Some guy died, and we can’t prove it, but he might have died due to stress from not using our product/service” might not be technically a lie, but it is shady as hell.

That’s it, I’m quitting this BBS, and going into politics.

Anybody who’s interested can look for me on the Y’All Is Too Damn Serious Party ticket.


You said it was accurate. I pointed out that it wasn’t. I dunno what you were wanting out of this conversation. Should I just do a little dance and honk a clown nose next time?

Advertising is all about the you’ll die if you don’t use our toothpaste.

Next time, just leave the clown nose at home with the wet blanket.

This is truly sad.

The ad was funny.

The fact that they felt it necessary to apologize is not.

How can anyone be offended by this? If a close relation of mine had just died of a heart attack directly caused by not finding a parking spot, maybe. Any other possible reasons?

Commercial communications are humorless enough as it is, no need to avoid “disrespecting” the most humor-allergic members of the public.