Alan Moore on crowdfunding, surveillance, and disconnecting


The thought of Alan Moore as the “control” in any kind of social experiment pretty much raises the bar to an unattainable height for the non-control group.

Think about it… not matter what you do to the non-control bunch, they’ll remain uninspired, unproductive, non-self-actualized mediocrities in comparison.

On the other hand, when the aliens arrive, he wouldn’t be a bad choice for the one making first contact.


Can an avowed wizard function as a member of a control group? I have a hypothesis but I need at least 500 wizards to test it.


On the other hand, with Alan Moore as the control, the experiment is almost guaranteed to prove that the internet makes you less crazy, crotchety, and more social.

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I believe it’s too late for Mr. Moore in that he probably uses money more than magic, no? The other wizards out there probably already have him in their spyglasses as a result. What was that D&D spell called again?

When aliens arrive …?

Perhaps one of them is here already!

Does Mr. Moore have a dog?

>At the end of a couple of hours of very addictive play, I may have procured the necessary amount of mushrooms to save a princess

He sure did procure some mushrooms, it seems, but not in a videogame.

I guess it depends on the version of D&D you employ, no?

I like ESP.

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