Alaska plane crash: All 11 on board rescued by U.S. Coast Guard


I guess that, “Any landing you can walk away from is a good one”; so this might not qualify as a “crash” :wink:


Weather in Alaska is a real problem for bush pilots. It changes quickly, without warning. I’m guessing the flight plan was filed when conditions looked good, and then it changed before they could turn around.


… indeed, like this one (not a mountainside, but a good example of a straight up stalled out landing) -

This article has some more details on the crash, and some pretty wild footage of the rescue.

yep - above article confirms via NTSB report, good-visibility flight plan was logged, and apparently nasty weather developed on the return trek.

Gosh, it must feel good to be on that rescue squad and only be hearing about survivors in that radio chatter.




WELL nobody is accusing the plane of crashing, but the site is, to the crew, purported, until they see it, which the next clause describes them doing, ACTUALLY


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