Alberta's tax-funded climate denial "war room" ripped off its logo from a US tech company

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The cherry topping on the fruitcake.


Nakes me so happy to see the UCP going down in flames. At least one poll is showing them lower than the NDP.

They still have 3 years to climb out of this, but hopefully the discontent will stick.


shifting other countries away from dirty coal-fired electricity to cleaner-burning Canadian natural gas is one way Canada can make a huge difference far beyond its shores. According to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, replacing all the new coal-based power plants planned over the next two decades in China, Southeast Asia and India with natural gas would eliminate 1,500 megatonnes of GHGs per year – twice Canada’s current total.

Here’s what Premier Kenney campaigned on:

… the NDP and stop these ideological policies that are all economic pain and no environmental gain.


Logo Change is a Chinese Conspiracy to bring down the US Economy.

He wants the Chinese to switch to Alberta LNG, but keep burning coal at home? :thinking:


No no no… totally legit. Some of the corners are rounded. And it’s green. Not at all the same. /s

I wonder why they didn’t just go ahead and flip it on one axis or another?


And he seems to want Alberta to get credit for the resulting GHG reduction.

I’m wondering if it’s an honest mistake. There are so many hack design websites that will sell you a cheap logo these days, churning out this kind of bland logo by the truckload. And CEC seems like the kind of place that would get their logo from Fiver.

If you bought one of those things, I’m not sure how you’d go about finding out if some obscure company somewhere is using it. Does Google image search catch this?



The intelligent people in the room at the UCP know that the global price of oil isn’t going to respond to their tantrums, so they are using some kind of game theory to blame the federal government, and particularly the hated Trudeau, for anything that goes wrong in their (richest, highest standard of living) province.

Time will tell if the highly targeted propaganda campaign will succeed. Having grown up in Alberta I can say that it is fertile ground for the kind of simplistic campaign of ‘hate the others’ this war room is working on.


That is awesome and hilarious. I don’t think a hack propaganda organization would bother to do that. But it’s good to know it would catch it. Note to self: Run all future logos through image search.

A new and probably unique suggestion for their Kanada Energy Kentre (KEK) logo:



They’re grifters, so no. Their very mission indicates that due diligence is low on their list of priorities.


I’m including a lazy failure to do their due diligence as an honest mistake. I’m just suggesting that it’s possible they didn’t go swipe this company’s logo and change the color.

I am not suggesting that they aren’t grifters.

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That’s… lame.

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My point is that the mentality of the grifter precludes honest mistakes. There are only dishonest ones with confidence artists, bred of a corner-cutting mindset that assumes that if they make a mistake they’ll either never get caught or they’ll be able to BS their way out of it (the same attitude they have toward their deliberate scams).

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Nope. It’s stolen.

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Hm. I wonder if that would have revealed any still-to-be-revealed plagiarists out there?