Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page's former home gutted in blaze

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It is unlikely it will ever be rebuilt unless there is someone out there with an interest in the occult wanting to spend a lot of money.

Well what are the chances of that?


Moderate. I know whole groups of people upset about this house burning down.

Thelemites consider it a holy place.


dang, this sucks. just from the historical aspect, let alone the connections to crowley and page.

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Consider it a sacrifice…

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Sacrifice is where you decide to offer something to the gods. Here, the gods took it on their own. Theft, maybe?

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LOL, the Internet app on my phone crashed just as I was about to post a comment on this story so I guess I’ll just keep it to myself. :frowning:

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Someone forgot the warning about leaving inflammable materials next to the summoning circle. Or something.

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But they’re inflammable! They shouldn’t burn!


Thelecasters too.

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My mother is actually a Thelemite. (not joking)

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