Alex French Guy Cooking and 4-minute eggs benedict

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Eggs Benedict is without a doubt what I would choose for my final meal, if I had to. I can poach an egg, I can make a decent hollandaise – hell, I can even make English muffins from scratch. But I hardly ever do any of that because I’m cranky in the morning and would rather drink coffee and rage-click the interwebs. If this guy can show me how to do all of that (minus the English muffins from scratch, of course) in 4 minutes and it actually tastes good, he will become a personal hero of mine.


Had a personal epiphany recently when I ran out of gas and discovered that poaching eggs in the microwave (75 sec in my case) produces a better poached egg than the traditional malarkey! The whites are softer and you just need to experiment a few times to get it right for your microwave. Also this is great for volume as you can have many eggs set up and ready to go.

Another speed trick is to hover a stainless steal bowl over a naked flame while whisking the egg yolks for the hollandaise, only takes a little practice to get this right.

Orginisation is the key to making this fast to prepare and fast to clean up. I would clarify the butter in the same pan that I would then cook the bacon in. Separate the egg yolks into your heating bowl as well as putting your eggs in the cups with vinegar and water, place in the microwave ready to hit the go button at the last minute. Muffins in the toaster ready to hit the go button half way through cooking your bacon. Experiment with your timing a few times and I reckon this only need be a 10 minute cook from start to finish for 2 - 4 people!

Plenty of spare time for rage clicking!


can’t imagine why i’d be concerned about following where this is leading.

ultra rich food, but quicker? #eggsbenequick

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